Step 2

Step 2:  Sign Up for a Powerlifting Meet

Once you have chosen a federation it is time to sign up for a competition.  Your choice of federation limits you to the competitions they are holding.  When choosing a Powerlifting meet consider the following.

  1. How Far Do You Want to Travel?

    NASA Powerlifting
    •  Powerlifting competitions are exhausting.  It is essentially working out for eight hours.  If you compete far from home, you will have to book a hotel or crash friend or family member’s place afterward.  Even if you are competing locally, it is recommended to have someone transport you back and forth from the meet.
  2. How Long Do You Want to Prepare?  

    USPA calendar.
    • 12-16 weeks is the bare minimum amount of time to see measurable growth.  A competition is an all day event.  You will have to make sure the competition does not interfere with whatever other obligations you may have.
  3. What Division Do You Want to Lift In?  

    Powerlifters pulling on a Bench shirt for an Equipped Powerlifter
    • Age and Weight Class are pretty straight forward.  Divisions differ from federation to federation.  The most common are Raw and Equipped.  The federation rules dictate what equipment the lifter is allowed to use for each division.  For example, a USAPL Raw lifter is permitted to wear knee sleeves, but may not wear knee wraps.  The required minimum equipment for most federations is a singlet, t-shirt, shoes, knee high socks, and underwear.
  4. Are You Going to Attempt to Set an Official Record?


    • If you want to set an official record, you must look up your federation’s records yourself.  No one is going to tell on meet day what the records are (not because they are mean, most people do not keep a mental note of every record).  Additionally, records can only be set with the appropriately qualified judges present.   So even if a lifter breaks a World Record, it would only be considered a State, American, and or unofficial World Record if the necessary judges are not present.  Federations will usually notify and even advertise what level of a judge will be attending the meet beforehand for this reason.

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