Step 4

Step 4:  How-To Choose a Training Program.

Now that you know where you are going to train, you have to actually start training.  To do that, you need a plan.  You can go to the gym and just do whatever, but you will get “whatever” results.  Having a training plan and adhering to it will yield the best results.

  • How Many Weeks Do You Have to Train Before the Competition?

    A snippet of an 11-week program.
  • How Many Days a Week Can You Train?

    A three day a week program.
    • Another way, and possibly the best way, to choose a Powerlifting program is by deciding how many days of the week you can commit to training.
    • Some programs such as The Texas Method are three days a week.  Westside Barbell has a four-day program.
    • It is not recommended to train any more than three to four days a week.  Your body needs time to rest in order to perform to its fullest potential and avoid injury.

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